Our 5 Top Beauty Tips

The Best Beauty Tips At Babor Beauty Spa In Cyprus

Feel fresh faced and fabulous this Summer with the best beauty tips from the skincare experts at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol. You skin goes through a lot when it's hot. This includes your pores getting clogged by makeup mixed with sweat or the sun damaging your delicate skin.

At Babor Beauty Spa, we have 5 top tips on how to look after your skin so that you can look and feel your best all season long. The best way to take care of your skin is with the right products from our online shop. Keep reading for our quick and easy guide on all the skincare products you will need this Summer.

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Double Cleanse

Over the Summer months, you should double cleanse your skin to get rid of any sweat, makeup or sunscreen that can clog your pores. If you don't double cleanse, this can lead to a vicious cycle of blemish breakouts. 

At Babor Beauty Spa in Eleni Court, we have created the best cleansers for double cleansing. We call this Biphasic cleansing, and the purpose of this is to thoroughly cleanse the skin in two steps. First, apply the HY-OIL to remove any makeup, dirt, dust, sweat or sunscreen that has accumulated throughout the day. Then, apply the Phytoactive to deeply cleanse the skin and clarify the complexion for clear, glowing skin.

You can purchase the Babor Biphasic Cleansers online here.


Exfoliator should be used after cleanser, as once the skin has been cleansed this provides a clean base for the exfoliator to work on. Our skincare experts recommend that exfoliator only be used once a week. If exfoliator is over-used, this can cause the skin to become red, rough and irritated.

Our range of exfoliators at Babor Beauty Spa are designed to help you achieve soft, smooth skin. The exfoliants in our products promote the skin's natural renewal processes for more radiant and smoother skin. Use Babor cleansers and exfoliators together for gorgeous glowing skin this Summer.

Check out our range of Babor Exfoliators here.

Face Masks

A face mask is almost like a facial that you can do yourself at-home! Our range of Babor face masks are designed for intensive skincare for long-lasting results. Sit back and relax while our face masks get to work with highly quality ingredients to ensure that the skin is optimally nourished.

Not only are the results long-lasting, but they are also fast-acting which means you'll see results soon after using any Babor face mask. Start using Babor face masks now to ensure you're looking fresh faced this Summer.

Take a look at the range of Babor face masks we offer at our online shop and choose the one most suited to your skin's needs.

Barely There Makeup

No one really wants to be wearing a heavy, full face of makeup in the Summer heat. At Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol, we understand that you may still want to wear some makeup despite it being hot. That's why we offer the best light wear BB cream to cover blemishes and provide you with a fresh, flawless appearance.

The Babor BB Cream is an uncomplicated combination of day cream, foundation and sunscreen. You should wear sunscreen everyday to protect your skin against the sun's damaging rays that can cause premature ageing. With Babor BB Cream, wearing sunscreen everyday is easy as it works as a light wear foundation, too!

With 3 shades to choose from, purchase a Babor BB Cream this Summer from our online shop.

Facials & Peels

Transform the way your skin looks and feels this Summer with our amazing facials and peels available in-salon at Babor Beauty Spa in Cyprus. We offer:

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Look and feel your best this Summer with our amazing Babor skincare products or book a facial or peel treatment at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol. If you're not sure what Babor products to get, just ask a member of our team who will be happy to recommend the right skincare products for you.

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