Babor Beauty Spa


BABOR BEAUTY SPA IN LIMASSOL CYPRUSWe love welcoming guests into our luxurious Babor Beauty Spa where we offer some of the best beauty treatments in Limassol. 

With more than 27 years of experience in the beauty industry, Marina and her team will provide you with the very best uplifting personal care which is designed to clear your mind and balance your body.  

While many skin care companies tout themselves as natural, not all can guarantee gentleness, safety, professionalism and visible results!  

As the leading BABOR Expert and DOCTOR BABOR Pro Expert spa in Limassol city center, we are proud to work with high-performance, active products which give visible results.  Come and enjoy a BABOR facial, book a personal massage or reflexology, or choose a massage or body treatment to relax, detoxify and aid your feeling of wellness.   

When it comes to your everyday beauty needs we can also cater to your hands & feet, lashes & brows, hair removal and even offer professional make-up services. 

We look forward to welcoming you into the spa soon and will make sure that your journey of beauty remains with you until the next time we meet.



We believe that BABOR products can enhance everyone’s natural beauty and, in turn, their self-confidence.  We are convinced that when a woman feels beautiful and good in her own skin, she is more confident, positive, active and happier. We want to empower women to be ambitious, determined, and in charge – not only in their choice of skincare but also in their daily lives. 

That is why Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol is delighted to work with the following BABOR ranges: 

BABOR SPA soothes, tones and moisturises the skin for incomparable moments of pampering.

SKINOVAGE has been developed by skincare experts for younger people to help you maintain your vibrant, healthy-looking skin.

AMPOULE CONCENTRATES are little miracle serums for all skin types. They contain highly concentrated ingredients which are tailored to your skin's needs. Perfect for the face and décolleté.

DOCTOR BABOR is a cosmeceuticals range offering innovative formulas inspired by medical research. Ideal for caring for more complicated skin.

HSR LIFTING is known for its smooth, nourishing textures and has an innovative complex of active ingredients. It helps in the fight against wrinkles and addresses the causes of wrinkle formation.

REVERSIVE includes the high-performance PRO YOUTH Complex which combats the most common signs of skin ageing. 

SEACREATION harnesses rare active ingredients salvaged from the deep sea for all-round anti-aging, wrinkle reduction and firming. 

BABOR MEN includes no-fuss products such as after-shave care, eye cream, ampoules and facial care. They vitalize, strengthen, boost resistance and moisturize the skin.