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BABOR Facials & Peels At Babor Beauty Spa In Limassol

Beauty is something very personal which is why offer every client a professional skin analysis to tailor your BABOR service to your specific skin needs to give you visible results.  During your treatment at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol, we will combine the use of effective skincare ingredients with pure pampering pleasure. Our expert beauty therapists can find the best treatment to suit your skin needs, so discover the art of precision skincare at Babor Beauty Spa by calling +357 25 351259 or book your BABOR facial online.



Tailored to your skin's needs and using the unique Effective Touch Massage technique. 

Classic Facial | 55 min | €60.00 | BOOK HERE

A deep cleansing facial for young skin that is congested and prone to breakouts.  

Hydrating Treatment | 90 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

Hydrating active ingredients, including hyaluronic acid, rehydrate and plump up the skin.

Firming Treatment | 90 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

Refresh and re-energize your skin using a unique firming algae peel-off mask.

Regenerating Treatment | 90 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

Alpine stem cells and Biogen® Plant Extract promote skin renewal and cell regeneration.

Power Firming Treatment | 90 min | €110.00 | BOOK HERE

Enhance your firming treatment with ultra-comfort modelage mask.



With highly concentrated natural active ingredients, tailored to your skin type, this intensive ampoule treatment produces visible results you can see and feel.  

We will also use the BABOR Expert Method to enhance circulation and metabolic activity to rejuvenate your skin. Our expert touch, paired with precise ingredients, will relax wrinkles, melt stress, and give you a radiant glow for hours to come.

Perfect Glow Treatment | 65 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

A beauty care treatment for tired skin, that includes the fantastic Perfect Glow ampoule to rejuvenate and refine your skin for a fresh and youthful appearance. The perfect treatment for a night out.

Brightening Intense Treatment | 65 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

High-performance care for problematic skin with irregular and uneven pigmentation. The combination of the BABOR Expert Method and selected active ingredients will give you a lighter, more even skin tone. 

Note: Added to facials as needed.


Babor anti ageing Reversive treatments at best spa near me in LimassolReVersive Facial | 105 min | €90.00 | BOOK HERE

Intensive anti-ageing facial which uses the BABOR Re-Youth complex. This innovative, luxurious treatment combines a cocktail of active ingredients with firming massage techniques to reactivate the skin’s anti-ageing mechanisms. This extends skin cell life span, promotes radiating youth, restores glow, and visibly smoothes fine lines and wrinkles. Skin appears and feels smoother and firmer.

HSR® Lifting Extra Firming Treatment | 105 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

An intensive lifting treatment is the next-generation facelift. This powerful treatment with a multitude of innovative complexes helps to tone, lift and give an immediate firming effect. The skin becomes firmer and plumper with more elasticity, allowing the face to regain its youthful contours. 

SeaCreation Facial | 120 min | €195.00 | BOOK HERE

Luxury that gets under the skin. Indulgence, luxury and precisely co-ordinated active ingredients are the philosophy of this treatment. We will combine unique BABOR massage techniques with the most active and rare ingredients found deep in the sea to create a visibly firmer, more toned, deeply moisturized and wrinkle-free skin surface. Your skin will be luxuriously plumped and firm. 


doctor babor anti-ageing treatments at BABOR BEAUTY SPA IN LIMASSOL, CYPRUSDOCTOR BABOR Cosmeceuticals is the synergy of medicine and cosmetics, using the latest botanical and high-tech active ingredients to deliver visible results.

Lifting Cellular Facial | 90 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

Ideal for ageing skin, such as wrinkles, loss of elasticity/firmness and a visible shift in facial contours. An effective alternative to collagen and hyaluronic injections.

Collagen Booster Treatment | 90 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

A treatment for wrinkles, loss of elasticity and density. Intense firming of tissue and wrinkle correction are instantly visible.

Re-Contouring Treatment | 90 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

Designed to firm and redefine the jawline and build volume in the cheeks. 

Vitamin C Booster Treatment | 90 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

A cellular regenerative treatment using highly effective concentrated vitamin C and mineral cocktail ingredients to strengthen the skin’s own defences, protect against environmentally induced skin ageing and ensure an even skin tone and a fresher, firmer complexion.  


CHEMICAL PEELS AT BABOR BEAUTY SPA IN LIMASSOL CYPRUSSpecial treatments which are customized to the client's individual skin concern.

Ultimate Detox Treatment | 90 min | €78.00 | BOOK HERE

Skin regeneration and refinement is achieved with fruit acids and antioxidants to treat blemished skin, enlarged pores, pigment disorders, fine lines and wrinkles. The treatment is for stressed skin with signs of environmentally induced skin ageing and stress.

Neuro Sensitive Treatment | 60 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

Special neuro-cosmetic skin care for extremely dry and very sensitive skin. Also for care in cases of neuro-dermatitis. Reduces any feelings of itching and reddening.

Brightening Cellular Treatment | 60 min | €80.00 | BOOK HERE

A treatment for brightening the complexion and reducing pigmentation.  Also increases collagen production, improving skin’s elasticity, and counteracts free radicals.

Purity Cellular Treatment | 75 min | €80.00 | BOOK HERE

A highly effective skin care treatment for acute and stress-related blemishes. To reduce spots, regulate and clarify.



DOCTOR BABOR TREATMENTS NEAR ME IN LIMASSOL CYPRUSThese treatments complement our peels for long-term results and optimum skin maintenance.

TheraPRO Peel Treatment | 75 min | €79.00 | BOOK HERE

For maximum skin regeneration without any downtime, and fresh, radiant skin. Includes AHA acids with varying intensities up to 30% and with a pH of 2.7.

TheraPRO CE Treatment | 75 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

Perfect for stressed skin or following a course of deep peels, this treatment strengthens and stabilizes the skin's natural protective barrier, reduces moisture loss, and leaves skin healthy and smooth.

TheraPRO EGF Treatment |105 min |€85.00 | BOOK HERE

Targets the visible signs of ageing and facial volume loss. This treatment stimulates the skin’s epidermal and fibroblast Growth Factors (EGF), reduces lines, strengthens the skin tissues and improves skin elasticity. 

TheraPRO C Treatment | 110 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

This antioxidant facial packed with vitamin C targets dull tired skin. Evens out irregular pigmentation, stimulates collagen synthesis and minimizes fine lines and wrinkles.


DOCTOR BABOR CLEANFORMANCE TREATMENTS AT BABOR BEAUTY SPA IN LIMASSOL CopyOur CLEANFORMANCE products contain 'clean' formulations with at least 95% ingredients of natural origin and free of gluten, silicones, parabens, mineral oils, microplastics, synthetic fragrances and PEGs.

These facials are designed for young, demanding skin and will help to strengthen the skin’s natural barrier and preserve balance in the skin’s microbiome. The result is a lovely healthy-looking complexion. 

Healthy Glow Treatment | 30 min | €50.00    | 60 min | €65.00 | BOOK HERE

This treatment is for anyone with dehydrated and demanding young skin.

The treatment provides intensive hydration and imparts freshness, smoothness, and suppleness. Visually corrects irregularities in complexion. For healthy-looking skin with a subtle glow.