Perfect Skin

Babor Perfect Skin Ampoule Collection at Babor Spa LimassolSave 23.5% on our 14-Day Ampoule Serum Concentrate Set for visible skin results.

This set contains 14 carefully combined ampoules and offers the ultimate action of active ingredients to make your skin glow in just 2 weeks. These iconic ampoules offer a perfect moment of spring skin care.  Set contains:

2x HYDRA PLUS: Immediate hydration, 24-hour intensive reconstruction for fewer wrinkles.
2x ALGAE VITALIZER: Moisturizes and revitalizes, strengthening the microbiome.
2x ACTIVE NIGHT: Recovery during the night. The action of the active ingredients offers visibly rested, revitalized and strengthened skin in the morning.
2x MULTI VITAMIN: Vitamins revitalize weakened skin, giving it a healthy and radiant appearance.
2x PERFECT GLOW: For absolute glow and soft, flawless skin all day long.
2x 3D FIRMING: For a better-defined contour, noticeably more firmness and fewer wrinkles.
2x LIFT EXPRESS: The ultimate anti-wrinkle ampoule with instant effect.

Available from our online shop priced at €66.00 compared to the usual price of €86.30.