Triple Pro-Retinol Renewal Eye Patches

BABOR RETINOL EYE PATCH ONLINE IN LIMASSOL SALEThe DOCTOR BABOR Triple Pro-Retinol Eye Zone Patches act like Botox, giving the skin a fresher, brighter and more refreshed appearance thanks to the triple complex of active ingredients Pro-Retinol and extractive niacinamides.

These eye patches make the dull, stressed skin around the eyes glow. They also minimise redness and reduce the appearance of enlarged pores in the nose area.

Retinol Eye Patches are applied in the evenings to unleash their skin-refreshing properties for a radiant look the next morning. If you prefer to use eye pads in the morning, be sure to use sun protection factor treatment after application.

Ideal for mature, demanding skin, these effective retinol eye patches are available to buy online now priced at 60€.