New Instant Fresh & Smooth Eye Serum + Patches

EYE CARE ROUTINE TREATMENTS AT BABOR BEAUTY SPA LIMASSOLThe Babor Fresh & Smooth Eye Serum and Patches offer the perfect combination for intensive hydration and an immediate effect of softness, freshness and smoothness in the eye area.

They offer intense moisture and skin around the eyes so the skin immediately appears fresher, smoother, and you look more alert.

The eye patches are re-usable and made of 100% medical grade high-quality silicone - specially designed to be used in conjunction with Fresh & Smooth Eye Serum. 

Apply the patches like a second skin to enhance the action of the Fresh & Smooth Eye Serum.

Available online here priced at €59.00.

How To Use:

Apply the eye serum to the area around the eyes after cleansing and spread with fingertips.

Next, place the Silicon Eye Pads under the eyes, on top of the serum, and press lightly. Remove the pad after about 10-15 minutes of action and gently massage any residue.

Clean pads after use with warm water and mild soap. Then let them dry thoroughly and store them in the box.

Extra tip: Store them in the fridge for an extra cooling sensation.