Loyalty Program

loyalty scheme at babor beauty spa in limassol

Hello, it's great to have you here!  Become part of the Babor Beauty Spa Loyalty Program and collect valuable BaborMMC points to gain exclusive benefits, promotions, insider knowledge and more!

You can collect your loyalty points every time you have a treatment or buy products at Babor Beauty Spa.  Soon they will build up and you can start redeeming them on lots of lovely treats in the spa. 

  • Register now and receive your first 100 BaborMMC points as a welcome gift.
  • Every €2 spent on Products = 1 BaborMMC point
  • Every €5 spent on Treatments = 1 BaborMMC point

How To Register

Register an account in the BaborMMC Booking Portal
Fill in your details
Enable the email newsletter promotions
Give us a note that you are interested in our Loyalty Points system
You will then automatically join our Loyalty program.