Lifting & Shaping Body Treatments

Tone and Define Your Silhouette with a Body Treatment


Lifting and shaping body treatments are ideal for anyone looking for a more defined silhouette. Our body contouring and shaping services help to reduce the appearance of cellulite, creating firmer, more toned-looking skin. If you're searching for a relaxing treatment that can help promote healthier skin, our wraps and fat-burning treatments are an ideal solution.  These treatments work to rid the body of excess water, encourage detoxification, exfoliate superfluous skin cells, and boost circulation. 

Many of these treatments combine powerful fat-busting abilities with detoxification and relaxation. For a holistic, luxury treatment that leaves you feeling renewed book a body lifting and shaping treatment at Babor Beauty Spa Limassol by calling us at +357 25 351259 or by booking online.

How Fat Burning Treatments Works 

During a fat-burning body treatment, your therapist applies a special concoction of active ingredients to your body, including clay, mud, or seaweed. These powerful ingredients have amazing healing properties and are designed to nourish the body.  Once the ingredients have been applied, our skilled therapists wrap your body with plastic or bandages to create a cocoon. The enveloping effect enhances blood flow and boosts the lymphatic system to rid the body of toxins. These wraps can also effectively reduce the appearance of cellulite and improve skin texture and tone. 

Fat Burning Cellulite Treatment

60 min | €75.00 | BOOK HERE

Doctor Babor's lifting and shaping treatments are developed to deliver visible results thanks to a powerful array of natural and active ingredients. Our special formulas help to reduce fat deposits all the while firming the connective tissue and enhancing the appearance of the skin. 

Our fat-burning cellulite treatment is specifically designed to target unwanted pockets of fat and works to reduce the impression of stubborn cellulite. After this treatment, your skin will appear smoother and firmer, and you’ll start to feel confident in your skin. 

Shaping Body Peeling 

40 min |€60.00 | BOOK HERE

Our shaping body treatment takes luxury and functionality to new heights and promotes optimal elasticity. This specialised peel removes unwanted dead skin cells, creating smoother, more refined skin.   Furthermore, the exfoliation process enables products to easily penetrate the skin, allowing us to lock in more moisture and enhance hydration. The result of this incredible body-shaping treatment? Firmer, healthier-looking skin! 

Algae Body Wrap Treatment 

 70 min | €85.00 | BOOK HERE

Algae has long been known as a super ingredient, filled with anti-oxidants and other powerful skin-boosting and hydrating properties. This invigorating wrap begins with a maritime salt peel, followed by a toning algae wrap with incredible detoxifying and toning abilities. You’ll leave this treatment feeling rejuvenated and your skin will feel firmer, softer, and more toned. 

If you want to give your body some TLC, you can also explore our incredible array of stress-relieving, healing massages. This includes stress relief massage, pregnancy massage, deep tissue massage, and reflexology. Find out more about massages at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol.

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