Why You Need A Monthly Massage!

The Benefits Of A Regular Massage At Babor Beauty Spa In Limassol


From stress relief to easing migraine symptoms, it's fair to say there are many wonderful reasons why you should treat yourself to a regular massage at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol!

Our highly skilled massage therapists offer a wide range of massages including our Deep Muscle and Tissue Massage, Stress Relief Massage,  Hot Stone Therapy and Pregnancy Massage.  

Let's start with our Deep Muscle & Tissue Massage which can help ease chronic aches including neck and back pain (upper and lower back), tightness in the leg muscles, and sore shoulders. A monthly deep muscle massage will help to work through those knotty areas and realign your body to ease neck pain and back aches. 

Our Stress Relief Massage helps to refresh and re-energize the body by reducing stress levels and tension.  It improves blood circulation and restores tired and tensed muscles. Your skin and muscles will also feel more toned 

If you have a specific problem such as a frozen shoulder, book in for a regular 35-minute Therapeutic Massage which will help to relieve pain and get that limb moving again. The massage can also break down scar tissue and get your blood circulating more efficiently around the body.

Reflexology can benefit individuals who suffer from chronic or acute pain.  This includes easing foot pain, back pain, herniated discs, osteoporosis, sciatica, migraines, headaches, sinus problems, and even chronic diseases.  Reflexology also soothes you into a state of deep rest and relaxation, thereby reducing stress. Find out more about the benefits of Reflexology at Babor Beauty Marina Malactou Colocassidou in Limassol.

For the ultimate relaxing experience, try Hot Stone Therapy at Babor Beauty Spa in Limassol!  Using special hot smooth stones to massage your body helps to reduce stress levels and relieve muscle tension.   

Lower back pain and swollen ankles are common problems for pregnant women so why not treat yourself to a monthly Pregnancy Massage.  We can ease your feeling of heaviness and tension by carefully targeting areas of discomfort and aching muscles.  Your skin will also feel beautifully smooth and nourished which can improve your skin's elasticity to try and avoid or minimise stretch marks. 

We would love to help you and will always be happy to chat to you about your needs. You can either call us for a consultation or book your appointment by calling +357 25 351259. Appointments can also be booked securely online